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Our own world brands SUNTECH and VERA

Worldwide and domestic sales are being carried out under the quality and reliability of Suntech and Vera brand.Our professional administrators, experienced marketing department and other departments stay at the disposal of our costumers to provide neccesary support. Albayrak exports to especially Europe and various countries of the world with quick sales channels and quality product mentality.

Rising Railway - Yukselen tente

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Welcome to SATTLER!

The SATTLER Group is an international family-owned firm headquatered in Austria. We are the world´s leading manufacturer of highTEX products, especially for outdoor use, and SATTLER is also leading in the planning and implementation of membrane constructions.

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the company
products and business areas
our guideline "thinking hightex - creating membrane solutions"

Did you know that...

the company SATTLER was founded in 1875 by August Sattler?
SATTLER AG has always remained in family property since its foundation?
the SATTLER Group engages approximately 675 employees worldwide?
the SATTLER Group has an annual output of around 20 million m² of fabric?
the SATTLER Group is active in more than 55 countries worldwide?
the SATTLER Group - among others - roofed the football stadium in Sevilla or the Formula 1 circuit in Istanbul?
the SATTLER Group leads the field of environmental technique and is the only company which can offer the full spectrum of services and know-how, ranging from the manufacture of the fabric to the construction of biogas storage tanks?
the SATTLER Group invented "Nautex", the first breathable boat-cover fabric?
the SATTLER Group createc "twilight", the perfect anti-glare fabric with aluminised surface, offering best optical and solar values?
the SATTLER Group possesses comprehensive skills in processing various types of fabrics?